Strange Days in the House of August

Strange Days in the House of August is the tangential sequel to the 2021, CIBA, Cygnus award longlisted novel, Of All Possibilities.

How much would you give up to save the universe?

After the collapse of his family’s religious cult, Eli agrees to work for the House of August, the secretive agency that helps maintain the timeline. He meets other gifted agents of the House: all individuals with strange powers equal to his own.

Eve speaks the thoughts of those around her. Lester can see into the immediate future. Andrea can kill with a word, and Cali amplifies the powers of others.

The group are thrust into a dark conspiracy between the remaining Houses; ancient factions that seek to shape reality for their own nefarious ends. They must work together to try and avert a war centuries in the making that could unravel the universe itself.

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