Of All Possibilities

What does someone who can slip between universes do for a living? They help shape the fate of this reality. When his grandfather dies, a young Eli Clarke takes over as the Key: an individual with the power to traverse the multiverse. Raised inside a cult that works with the government, he erases targets from the timeline. Then he meets Jess, a fellow outsider who shows him what it is to question everything. Set in the 80s, 90s, and now, OF ALL POSSIBILITIES is a dark, universe-hopping, story about loss, identity, and obsession that explores the repercussions of the choices we make and what makes us who we are.

Of All Possibilities is my first self published novel and was edited by Jaclyn Arndt. With cover art by Bex Glendining. In 2021, it was longlisted for the CIBA Cygnus award.

If you’d like to know more about what went into writing the book, my writing process in general, as well as what The Haunted Hotel Project is all about, you can watch this episode of AK Alliss’s podcast, AKA.

Reviews for Of All Possibilities!

“A child entrusted with great responsibility becomes the things he fears the most.

Raised in a cult and possessing supernatural abilities, Eli is given the task of ensuring terrible events don’t occur which could derail humanity’s survival. But is it really for the greater good?

Of All Possibilities took me far longer to read than it should’ve. Not because of quality, in fact, this is one of those stories that is so good that it aches to be read. In this instance though, being time poor actually afforded me an opportunity to savour this amazingly well-written tale like a meal I didn’t want to finish. I feel my palate may have missed some of the more exquisite tastes had I rushed.

Amidst the metaphysical and Noir like plotting, there’s a back and forth dynamic of nostalgia mixed with paranoia that the author leans into in a palpable and effective way. It serves the multi-layered time and reality jumps, and the characters, in a meaningful way.”

“After I read the final page, my first thought was “Wow—I’ve never read a book like this one.” First off, it’s such an original concept, and I don’t mean the part about jumping across the multiverse, although that’s one of my favorite sci-fi subgenres. It’s how the author ties that multiverse ability to a 1980s setting and a religious cult that worships the God In-Between, culling undesirables from their own world in pursuit of “the best of all possible worlds.” Now that is a unique premise, especially the dark vibe it gives the whole story. It’s a rich and visceral combination.”

“I was very eager to read Of All Possibilities by Joe Butler as I’ve had the chance to read his writing before and it’s always excellent. I was not disappointed.

The book is ostensibly about a war between factions trying to influence the timeline – with Eli, the only one who can journey between realities, stuck very much in the middle.

And the intricate plotting really brings that conflict to life in a visceral and impressively convoluted way.

But, at heart, this book is about coming of age, learning about relationships and heartbreak, trying to escape abuse and its consequences – and being a teenager in very complicated circumstances.

It’s the emotion and the soul-defining experiences that make this book sing. And the whole package builds to a real gut-punch of an ending that ties everything together brilliantly but also leaves things open for an entirely new set of possibilities to come.”

“Of All Possibilities is a refreshing take on multiverse-style sci-fi! I loved the way it interweaves timelines and worlds, and Butler’s prose is at the same time gripping and lingering. The characters pack a lot of personality, and the story (not to spoil anything) twists in ways I didn’t expect but thoroughly enjoyed. If you enjoy styles like Neil Gaiman with a punk, horror twist, I recommend it!”

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