The Haunted Hotel Project-Chateau Tongariro- 16/09/2016


I saw them on the mountainside, three of them.

It was dark, but they were bright figures- I even remarked to someone, “Look at those people,” and they just laughed at me.

“Anyone out there would freeze to death.”

Yet, I stood at the window and watched them.

The figures were getting closer, and they shone in the frosty moonlight.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to put them out of my mind, but even as I listened to the singer in the ballroom, all I could think about was them; marching inexorably towards the hotel.

I write this now as they approach the driveway.

I can see them as clearly as they can see me, standing in the window, my mouth agape in raw, naked fear. They have seen that I see them.

I know now that they are the spirits of the lost; luminous skeletal beings. They see me so well.

I know they are in the hotel now.

They are silently climbing the stairs.

I cannot run. Where would I go?

Someone is knocking on the door. A slow, rapping that fills me with dread.

Please let this be a dream.

The man with no face is at the end of the hall.

Hidden in the bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Auckland City Hotel- 10-09-2016


Jetlagged and tired beyond measure, my wife and I arrived in Auckland after a thirty-something hour flight.

I managed to  write this and hide it in the bible five minutes before we had to check out.

“My wife and I came here three days after we were married. We still come here, even though we have been dead for ten years.”


Someone had left a message for me in the bible, it simply said, “Spoiler, Jesus dies.”


The Haunted Hotel Project- The Pond Hotel, Glasgow


The Pond hotel in Glasgow- 21 May 2016

I normally take aspects of the hotel I am staying in and add it to the stories that I hide in the rooms. But for this one, I was quite taken with idea of a possession. I had visited the Edinburgh haunted vaults tour, which was really creepy. The tour guide mentioned that a few people who had visited the vaults had been possessed by a ghost. So, naturally I figured I would add it to the story.

This was a short one as we were about to check out.

My wife was murdered in this room last night. And when I woke up, she had been replaced by someone who wasn’t her.-Hidden in the Bible.

Haunted Hotel Project- Holiday Inn, Gatwick

holiday inn

After I checked in, I went to my room and found a young woman there. She was looking for her lost earring and was really upset. I helped her look, but we couldn’t find it and she left to catch her flight.

I was woken up last night by a noise in the bathroom. Then the door opened and the same young woman came out. She walked right past my bed. I was terrified because she kept staring at me with those wide eyes. Then she jumped out of the window.

I suddenly regained my sense and ran to the window. I look down on to the roof below, but she wasn’t there. Instead I saw the tiny twinkle of metal caught in the moonlight. I hope she doesn’t come tonight.

-Hidden in a drawer

The Haunted Hotel Project- Scunthorpe

I was like you.

Now I am nothing.

Except, the flickering light.

The shadow across the wall.

The hand under the bed waiting for you.

The reflection that doesn’t seem quite right.

That shape that stands at the edge of darkness when you wake at 3.12 am.

The banging from the upstairs room.

The smiling man at the window that waits behind the curtain.

If you sleep, the silver knives will come out. Because I have to investigate your insides.

I don’t care about you- I will have your fucking heart.

-hidden in the hotel bible.

Premier Inn Croyden, 22 March 2015


This was hidden in the bible of the Premier Inn in Croyden. I really enjoyed writing this one.

“I’m sorry.

I am so fucking sorry.

This is the only thing I could do. I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to think of another way, but it was taking too long and each night they would come into the room. The doctor, the woman, all of the people who died here.

They would tear me apart with their black fingers.

Then I would wake up.

I tried everything I could to not do this, but I have drawn runes into this paper. You can’t see them but they are there. They will bind you here until you can work out how to swap with someone else.

I am sorry.


Haunted Hotel Project

A short introduction.

So, as part of my work I travel around a lot and stay in a lot of hotels. I have never slept well in hotels.  This  is partly because I am away from home, partly because people tend to kill themselves in them, but mostly because they always seemed to have a ton of mirrors fixed into the walls opposite the bed for some unknown reason.

Now, being the sadist I am, I decided a few years back that I would start writing scary stories and hide them in the room someplace where housekeeping won’t find them, but maybe a bored traveler would.  Kind of like rewarding and punishing the curious at the same time.  I mainly hide them in the bibles, but I do leave them under lamps, in drawers and various other places.

As this little project has gone on I have started creating better, more elaborate stories based on the hotel or the surrounding area. I’ve also started recording where I wrote them, so the longer I post them, the more detail you’ll get and possibly some pictures.

This isn’t the first one I ever wrote, but it’s the first one I decided to record. It was left in a Premier Inn somewhere I can’t remember.

Written, circa 2012.


I should have worked it out before now shouldn’t I? Room 139, 1+3+9= 13. The room is number 13. Now the girl with no eyes says I can’t leave.

She lives in the mirrors.

I saw you earlier- I hoped you’d seen me too, but instead you just walked straight past me and checked out the bathroom. I was standing in the corner of the room.

Oh god, oh Jesus, it’s the girl again.”