The Haunted Hotel Project- San Francisco

haunted hotel hotel rex.jpg

I saw my name in the elevator.

It’s not a registry of the living on the elevator walls, it’s a registry of the dead.

I can feel the pull of this place.

It’s like a tide.

The people here are all dead.

They move behind the mirrors.

I hear them at night; a low moan just below the noise of the AC.

The banging on the walls is them pushing into this world.

Your world.

– Hidden in the bible

The Haunted Hotel Project- Nottingham


haunted hotel nottingham.png

The woman clothed in alabaster skin comes in the dark.


Her black fingers quiver as she shiver-shakes from the bathroom.


My queen wears a crown of wounds under her white hair.


She notices me.


If you turn the light off, she will come shortly after midnight. With the window flung open, so that she is bathed in moonlight.


I pray she comes close and lays her dark hands on me.


I want to feel the dead mouth, to receive the kiss of the grave.


I wish to be her host.    


– Hidden under the fan in the room

Haunted Hotel Project- St Ives


Don’t look at the kids standing at the treeline.

Don’t talk to them.

Don’t shout out to them.

They aren’t children really.

If they turn and look at you, you will see.

No eyes, just teeth.

Then, they start to bang on the walls.

Something happened in the cabin. Well, in the place where this cabin was built.

Something wrong.

They bang on the walls like it’s a game.

They are playing with you.

They don’t need to wait to come in.

They just need you to look.

They just need you to see them standing in a neat line, like a row of small trees and lit by the light of the moon.

They just need you to notice them and call out in fright or in love.

They enter through the mirrors on the last night and they stand in the corner of the room.

Don’t talk to them.

Don’t shout out to them in fright or in love.

They will devour you.

– Hidden in the boiler cupboard of holiday chalet.

Haunted Hotel Project- Hilton Hotel

hhp 26-6.jpg

In the lift, I met a girl. 

She was pale, looked scared. 

I asked if she was okay, and she smiled a smile that said, “no, not really.” 

The lift took a long time, so we got to chatting. Her name is Elizabeth Black. She said she was on her honeymoon. 

Later, I saw her again. She looked wet, soaked through. I asked her if she had fallen in the pool, and she said she couldn’t remember. 

We rode the lift together again and I asked her what room she was staying in. 

She said 3204. 

“You must be mistaken,” I said. “That’s my room.”

But she was sure. She said she had been there for a long time.

She said she had been waiting for me.

I can’t leave. 

Help me. 

-Hidden in the bureau.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Nottingham



haunted hotel notDo not stay here. 

Do not stay in this room, this hotel, or anywhere near here. 

It was late when I saw the hands out of the corner of my eye. 

Pale skin, with black fingers. 

I am not insane. 

I could hear them under the bed. 

I woke up the next morning covered in scratches. 

I dreamt of grave worms in the empty eye socket of a man I’ve never met. 

I know he knows me now. 

Don’t stay here. 

-Hidden under the safe in the room.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Liverpool, Premier Inn 2

liverpool 2When I arrived, I found a ghost story in the bible.

I read it and laughed. Well, it sounded like bollocks; phone ringing in the night, noises outside. All the usual stuff.

People are idiots.

I went to bed.

It wasn’t a story, it was a warning.

My phone rang at three am.

Someone tried my door.

In the bed next to me was the shape of a person in the sheets, and when I dreamt, my dreams were black. Someone spoke to me in my sleep. They told me if I didn’t write down what happened that I would be next.

I’m sorry.

Hidden in the Bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Premier Inn, Liverpool


HHP Liverpool.jpg

Last night, I heard a sound, like a cat or an angry dog.

I was woken up at 3.12 am by the sound of the room telephone going off .

It must have been a dream, because my mother was on the line and she’s been dead for five years.

When I got back into bed, in my dream, A woman was in the bed with me.

It was clear she had been dead for a long time. Her eyes were gone and her lips had shrunk back into a horrid smile.

She asked me to stay and then started to howl like a cat.

Hidden in the bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project 24-03/2017

sri lanka

I thought it would be okay.

I just wanted to speak to my dad again.

He died here.

There was an accident when this place was being built and he was crushed to death by a wall. It was in this room.

I saw the pictures.

It happened where the kitchen is now, by the door that leads to the maintenance corridor. When I did the ritual, he appeared.

At first, I was so happy, but when I saw his face, his eyes were missing and his teeth were razors.

I’m sorry.

He comes at 1.14 am.

It was when I did the ritual.

Look for the signs

-Hidden in a drawer.

The Haunted Hotel Project, Stanstead Airport.


My good friend and author, Stephanie Victoire has kindly agreed to contribute to the Haunted Hotel Project. You should absolutely  check out her book, The Other World, It Whispers, which is out now and is a brilliant read. She also has a blog, which you can follow at,

Here is her first entry.

The silence on this side of the building does not mean all sounds are kept away. For in lieu of planes and suitcase wheels comes the hooves of horses that tread back and forth. The lady sits on the purple chaise longue, awaiting her carriage still.

Hidden in the bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project-Hotel St Moritz Queenstown. 25/09/2016


The lady of the room must be fed.

She comes on the whiff of laudanum and the sail boat’s blast.

Dragging the foul fruits of her fetid orchard.

The children who hide neath the bed.

Oh yes, the lady of the room must be fed.

The man of the house seeks the door of thirteen.

He dines on those he deems unclean.

Yes, the man of the house is worse by far.

Hidden in the bible.

We stayed in room 625- 6+2+5= 13.

At 10.30 every night, the TSS Earnslaw, began its final crossing of the lake with a short blast of its horn. Oddly, whilst staying in the hotel, I had a dream about a woman and her baby in the room, and when I woke, I smelt perfume.