Haunted Hotel Project- Taunton- 01 May 2023

The blood is the thing, you see.

It can smell it, can sense the iron tang on the air like a shark.

Cut yourself shaving or from brushing your teeth and it’ll come.

Smoking bones draped in a mosiac of skin, lurching in the darkness. Its dissonant cat yowl splitting the silence.

You’ll slip into a dream of endless pain, and you’ll never wake up again.

Your body will be empty when they find you.


No blood.

No bones.

No organs.

It’ll add your meat to its body.

If it likes you, it’ll wear your face to walk amongst the sheep.

I’m so sorry I called it here.

I thought it could bring my husband back, but that awful book lied to me.

The creature wears his face to do its bloody business.

– Hidden under the fridge

Haunted Hotel Project- Wales- April 2023

I forgot.

Forgot that I was supposed to keep changing the combination padlocks to stop her.

Somehow, she got out.


On the third night, I saw her for the first time; she was staring at me over the back of the rocking chair. Smiling sweetly, her open mouth buzzing with shark’s teeth. Eyes glowing like fresh struck welds.

She came to me on the fourth night, shook me awake and said she wanted to dance with me. Downstairs, we moved together, slow like the night, her gossimer skin dripping from her bones in the segmented moonlight. As she pulled me close, she dug her sharp fingers into my bare shoulders and drew blood.

Whispering into my ear, her breath smelling of ancient mossy stones, she hissed,

“My love, you’d look so good on one of my hooks. Just you wait.”

– Hidden in a Stephen King book.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Ireland. 26/09/2022

A Guide For Navigating The Artifact- House- Ref:F628B

The living room is the nexus. Closing/opening the doors in the house has different effects. To initiate effect leave house and re-enter.

  • If Door 1 is open, do not enter door 3 or 4.
  • If Door 2 is open, the Chittering Mass is called forth.
  • If Doors 1 & 4 are open any object with a power cord becomes lethal.
  • Door 3 on its own summons the screaming man with no face- do not do this.
  • Door 4 open on its own calls the shadow woman- listen for the sound of yowling cats.
  • Interacting with other variables such as leaving objects in rooms, or using light switches, etc, may cause unintended side effects.


Do not interact with dead versions of yourself.

Cover all mirrors

Never sleep here.


  • Burn protocol
  • Salt the ashes
  • Review site in six months.

-Hidden in a drawer

The Haunted Hotel Project- Amsterdam. 26/04/2022

Contemporaneous notes on Space-16TNL14.

Interesting point to note: this space should not exist. The room occupies space outside of the physical architecture. The view from the window is is a projection of non-occluded space.

Case Officer concludes that this room is a doorway.

Audio signifiers precede invasion of hostile entities:

A bell sounding indicates the appearance of the silently screaming child.

The bubbling/rattling of the air conditioning precedes the apparition of the woman with gouged out eyes beneath the desk.

Take standard precautionary measures by salting the entrances to all rooms.

Recommendation: do not stay in this room.

-hidden between the fridge and the desk.

The Haunted Hotel Project- North wales. 05/03/20


What have I done?
I met her in the bar downstairs.
She said I looked down.
I was.
She knocked on the door to my room in the middle of the night,
let herself in.
She kissed me, unzipped her skin.
Grey meat underneath
rotten, alive with flies.
(Black teeth)
She told me I was hers
and I am.
I can feel maggots growing in my belly.
I’m keeping them safe
for her.

-Hidden in the bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Cardiff, 13/02/20


Past the river. 

Under the bridge.

(Tiny feet, tiny feet) 

Through the forest.

(Little teeth, little teeth.)

I see you standing at the edge. 

On the boundaries. 

So strange, the way your eyes

soak in the light

and trail black fire behind you. 

Fingers, blackened and burnt twigs. 

Even with the curtains drawn. 

I can see you burning. 

I can feel you outside

Pushing up against the boundaries, 

between that world and this. 

-Hidden in the bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Isle of Wight. 14/10/2019

HHP 16-10-19.jpg

I can’t sleep here.

My TV is on the fritz- woke up and it was on. Red symbols on the screen keeping me awake. Sound of static. A headache.

It won’t turn off.

Must have drifted off just now. Dreamt I saw a woman step out of the bathroom in the reflection in the mirror.

Her black tongue hung down past her chin. Hair vibrating with insects that crawled into empty eye sockets.

No time has passed.

The TV is unplugged, but the symbols are still there.

This is a bad place.

I can’t sleep here.

– Hidden under a lamp. 

The Haunted Hotel Project- Elveden




1/3 – She told me not to stay. She told me she was coming. Bad dreams in the night. A noise like screaming in the dark from somewhere in the lake. The place I heard that she had been found. 


2/3- She was standing here in the entry way. 2.12 AM. Her mouth was wide open. Ants streaming from the gaping maw. No teeth anymore- grave worms, pale as bone in the empty sockets. The ants are hers. 


3/3- She’s waiting for me. She wants me to walk out into the water with her. I want to, it’s so hot in here. When I woke just now she was standing at the window. I have to go.

I have to go  into the cold water with her. It’s the only way. 

– Polaroids and story hidden in the safe.