The Haunted Hotel Project- Ireland. 26/09/2022

A Guide For Navigating The Artifact- House- Ref:F628B

The living room is the nexus. Closing/opening the doors in the house has different effects. To initiate effect leave house and re-enter.

  • If Door 1 is open, do not enter door 3 or 4.
  • If Door 2 is open, the Chittering Mass is called forth.
  • If Doors 1 & 4 are open any object with a power cord becomes lethal.
  • Door 3 on its own summons the screaming man with no face- do not do this.
  • Door 4 open on its own calls the shadow woman- listen for the sound of yowling cats.
  • Interacting with other variables such as leaving objects in rooms, or using light switches, etc, may cause unintended side effects.


Do not interact with dead versions of yourself.

Cover all mirrors

Never sleep here.


  • Burn protocol
  • Salt the ashes
  • Review site in six months.

-Hidden in a drawer

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