The Haunted Hotel Project- Dorset

hhp 09 01 209

I found a piece of paper in my room. It’s full of names and next to each one is a date.

I swear to god my name is on here.

The second I read it, my room phone started ringing, my mobile started ringing, and the room lights started flickering on and off.

I answered the phone and a guttural voice said I had until midnight to confess my sins or the Bone Man will come for me.

The voice made my blood feel cold, and when I heard the name, I thought I was going to be sick.

Here goes:

When I was twelve I murdered someone.

Not long after I wrote this, I saw her.

Jane Winter. I killed her and now she is standing outside the window, looking up at me; eyes gone, bloody teeth bared.

She looks just like I left her.  

I feel like I’ve lost my mind.

When I was 15, I killed Sebastian Jones and Denise Trelawny.

At 17, I killed Nathaniel Grey, Jennifer Sands, Nathan Phillips.

There is a procession of ghosts outside my window now.

All porcelain pale, no eyes.


The phone rang again just now.  


The Bone Man is coming for me.


I couldn’t tell you everything.


-Hidden on top of the dresser

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