The Haunted Hotel Project- Mammoth Lakes


haunted hotel 22

I woke up, it was late. 

I rolled over and checked my phone, and in the ghost light, I saw myself.

Except, I was sitting up.

The other me told me that the woman lying next to me wasn’t my wife.

He said that my real wife was trapped behind the mirror.

He said, the only way to free her was to kill the woman sleeping next to me.

I was wrong to do that.

She is not my real wife.  

– Hidden in the bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Lake Tahoe

haunted hotel 22-09


There’s a blood moon on the ridge.

It’s not a door to the next room- it’s a gateway.

A place where the man who spreads like fire comes from.

His eyes, like flames, cast moving shadows.

He bends people to his will.

I didn’t mean to do it, he is inside me.

Manifesting, like some burning tumor.

That’s why I wait out here now.

Waiting for a blood moon on the ridge.  

-Hidden in the bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project- San Francisco

haunted hotel hotel rex.jpg

I saw my name in the elevator.

It’s not a registry of the living on the elevator walls, it’s a registry of the dead.

I can feel the pull of this place.

It’s like a tide.

The people here are all dead.

They move behind the mirrors.

I hear them at night; a low moan just below the noise of the AC.

The banging on the walls is them pushing into this world.

Your world.

– Hidden in the bible