#Redditwriters Anthology, Update One

Hello all,

It’s been a good couple of weeks since the anthology was announced, so I thought I would post an update.

A big thank you to everyone who has submitted so far, and if you haven’t yet, remember that we need as many as we can for this thing work. (Sep 17th!)

The awesome team of editors and I have been busy devising how we are going to manage the submissions and editing process, and I wanted to share that with you.

So, once a piece is received:

  • I will check the formatting and assign it to the genre editor.
  • The genre editor will review and edit the piece. If necessary, they will contact with author and make any suggestions/improvements that they feel need to be made to get the submission into the best shape possible.
  • Once the editor is happy with the piece, they’ll score it and mark it on our submissions spreadsheet.
  • The score is the editor’s personal opinion on the piece, it’ll just help us curate the anthology and use the strongest pieces we can for the collection.
  • We’ll take the highest scoring ones and pull them into the shortlist.
  • Another editor will then be assigned to have a read through and give a second score. The scores are added together and the top scoring of those are in the collection!


We are looking to make the collection around 60k words, which is about 40, 1500 word entries. Depending on the amount of submissions we get in, we aim to get the long list together by the mid-late October. Final scoring and drawing up of accepted submissions will be done by mid-November with a view to getting the finished product out by early December. Woo hoo.

Charity News

The votes came in and you guys voted on Doctors Without Borders, so we will be going with them. Thank you to @mrdanalvarez who has started to look into how we set it up. I’ll post a proper update on that as soon as everything is confirmed.

Here is the website if you want to have a look at the amazing work they do http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org

There were a couple of suggestions of encouraging arts based charities, and if this collection is successful and doesn’t turn my hair grey, then we should absolutely go with that next time.

I hope that is okay with everyone.

Naming the Collection

@mrdanalvarez also ran a poll as to what the title of the collection might be and has collected some of the suggestions here, https://t.co/WUwSWmkjaJ. I’m voting for my own suggested title, TL;DR: An Anthology.

I’d like to give huge thanks to the genre editors @selfpluspen, @jivanward, @AizelleRaine, @camdenmcollins, and @ADHamilton91 for helping me work the details of the process out.

Thanks, and have an awesome weekend from the #redditwriters, anthology team!


5 thoughts on “#Redditwriters Anthology, Update One

  1. I might have missed it, how do we go about submitting stories? I saw that Word document file format is preferred, but where do we send them? Thanks!

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