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Reddit Writers Anthology

Okay, so a couple of days ago @davidjsand created the redditwriters hashtag, and man, what a genius idea! My twitter feed has never been so alive with activity. It’s so awesome to see so many people connecting. I really hope it continues.

I mentioned that maybe we should do a collection of #redditwriters short stories and the idea gained traction quite quickly.  Now here I am looking at the very real possibility of managing a collection from you guys. It’s quite an exciting and scary prospect.

Whilst I am excited, I am also really busy with work/life and my own writing projects. So, if it is going to happen I am going to need some help from you guys. Also, I have never managed a project on this type of scale before.

Submission rules

So, this is how I am proposing it should work:

Initially, let’s get this one published on an e-platform. I only know Amazon’s platform, so we can go with that. If anyone has any other suggestions for a different platform, let me know, and be aware that I will need help getting it on there!

No specified genre or theme. You guys wanted to submit your own stuff and I am down with that idea. So, for it to make any kind of sense we will order it by genre. Thanks @ADHamilton91 for the idea, I think it’s a great one.

However, to make this feasible given the amount of people who have shown interest, we need to limit word count to 1500 words. Limited to a maximum of two submissions.

So, when you submit, it would be super useful if you could include the following information:

Try and submit your work according to the Chicago style guide if possible. If not just remember to

Please note that all work submitted in Comic Sans will be sacrificed to the demon, Eligos, and your soul will be forfeit.

If you want to submit more than one piece for different genres, tell me your preference, but remember that we need to balance the genres as evenly as possible.

Send your submissions to the newly created


Let’s go for a submissions deadline of 17 September 2017. That will give everyone the chance to get something together. If we then aim for an early November release date.

Editing/quality control

No pressure, but submit your best effort and be open to suggestions and edits! I’d love for this to go somewhere and I want you to be happy with what is published. I am happy to edit as long as you are happy to read suggestions from me/anyone else and make changes. It should be a collaborative effort.

I am proposing that each genre has a primary editor, (volunteers please!) who will read through the submission, makes some suggestions/edits/ formats and liaises with the author, and I will manage final edits/ style. I am happy to manage the Sci-Fi genre! Thanks @pubby88 for the suggestion on a panel of editors.


There was also another great suggestion by @cookfiction that we do this for charity and I am absolutely down for that.

I’m open for ideas on what charity we should go with, but I am thinking given that funding has been cut across the board for planned parenthood, that we donate anything we make from this to Planned Parenthood Texas,

I’m not from Texas, but it feels right.

(Edit! After some thought and conversation, I am going to put this to poll with a couple of different options! Thanks for your ideas.)

Let me know what you guys think. If there are other ideas I will put it to a poll on Twitter and we’ll go with the majority.

I’ll need to look into how we go about setting it up with the charity so that the funds go directly to them and not through me.

In Reddit parlance, TLDR; Submissions= no genre/theme, 1500 words soft limit. Deadline for up to two submissions is, 17 September 2017. This is for charity. I love you guys.

Next steps

I need volunteers to take on editing duties for the different genres- Big thanks to @selfpluspen for volunteering for editing already.

If you are interested in helping out with the editing, email me at and we’ll chat. I think we may have to do this on a first come first serve basis.

I also need you guys to tell me what charity you want if you don’t like my idea. Do it on the twitter post linking to this blog post, so we can have an open debate, and as I said, if it differs from mine, we will just do a poll.

Finally, I need your writing. I am super excited to be a part of this project and hopefully with a good number of us on board, we can do something amazing.

PS, Apologies if I missed thanking anyone I should have. I am throwing this together as fast as I can to keep the momentum.