Haunted Hotel Project- Hilton Hotel

hhp 26-6.jpg

In the lift, I met a girl. 

She was pale, looked scared. 

I asked if she was okay, and she smiled a smile that said, “no, not really.” 

The lift took a long time, so we got to chatting. Her name is Elizabeth Black. She said she was on her honeymoon. 

Later, I saw her again. She looked wet, soaked through. I asked her if she had fallen in the pool, and she said she couldn’t remember. 

We rode the lift together again and I asked her what room she was staying in. 

She said 3204. 

“You must be mistaken,” I said. “That’s my room.”

But she was sure. She said she had been there for a long time.

She said she had been waiting for me.

I can’t leave. 

Help me. 

-Hidden in the bureau.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Nottingham



haunted hotel notDo not stay here. 

Do not stay in this room, this hotel, or anywhere near here. 

It was late when I saw the hands out of the corner of my eye. 

Pale skin, with black fingers. 

I am not insane. 

I could hear them under the bed. 

I woke up the next morning covered in scratches. 

I dreamt of grave worms in the empty eye socket of a man I’ve never met. 

I know he knows me now. 

Don’t stay here. 

-Hidden under the safe in the room.