Audioshorts- Ghoulboy

I’d like to present the audio version of Ghoulboy.

I’m pretty proud of this short story and I had a ton of fun recording the audio version of it. Unlike my first attempt, working with the recording software, and hardware was a lot easier.

Ghoulboy is about the misunderstanding of a young teenager who is going through a divorce. He hears the horrible insults that his parents throw at each other and believes them to be real.

I had the idea for this story travelling on a train journey to some god forsaken town in the north of England, where the only interesting structures among the post war prefab houses were a set of cooling towers.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am slightly obsessed with urban/ industrial decay and pylons, and that is some of the imagery that I got to play with here.

Music this time around is royalty free music which can be found at

This is just until I can get a decent music programme that wants to export in a decent non-exclusive file format.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this because there is more on the way.


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