The Haunted Hotel Project-Hotel St Moritz Queenstown. 25/09/2016


The lady of the room must be fed.

She comes on the whiff of laudanum and the sail boat’s blast.

Dragging the foul fruits of her fetid orchard.

The children who hide neath the bed.

Oh yes, the lady of the room must be fed.

The man of the house seeks the door of thirteen.

He dines on those he deems unclean.

Yes, the man of the house is worse by far.

Hidden in the bible.

We stayed in room 625- 6+2+5= 13.

At 10.30 every night, the TSS Earnslaw, began its final crossing of the lake with a short blast of its horn. Oddly, whilst staying in the hotel, I had a dream about a woman and her baby in the room, and when I woke, I smelt perfume.


The Haunted Hotel Project-Chateau Tongariro- 16/09/2016


I saw them on the mountainside, three of them.

It was dark, but they were bright figures- I even remarked to someone, “Look at those people,” and they just laughed at me.

“Anyone out there would freeze to death.”

Yet, I stood at the window and watched them.

The figures were getting closer, and they shone in the frosty moonlight.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to put them out of my mind, but even as I listened to the singer in the ballroom, all I could think about was them; marching inexorably towards the hotel.

I write this now as they approach the driveway.

I can see them as clearly as they can see me, standing in the window, my mouth agape in raw, naked fear. They have seen that I see them.

I know now that they are the spirits of the lost; luminous skeletal beings. They see me so well.

I know they are in the hotel now.

They are silently climbing the stairs.

I cannot run. Where would I go?

Someone is knocking on the door. A slow, rapping that fills me with dread.

Please let this be a dream.

The man with no face is at the end of the hall.

Hidden in the bible.

The Haunted Hotel Project- Auckland City Hotel- 10-09-2016


Jetlagged and tired beyond measure, my wife and I arrived in Auckland after a thirty-something hour flight.

I managed to  write this and hide it in the bible five minutes before we had to check out.

“My wife and I came here three days after we were married. We still come here, even though we have been dead for ten years.”


Someone had left a message for me in the bible, it simply said, “Spoiler, Jesus dies.”