les madamoiselles

page 1.jpg

Bene, Bene harboured anesthesia no longer. His pleasure avoided physical disgust. His virginity could not bear intimacy. Unintentionaly, his heart, like tissue paper, closed.

page 2.jpg

Crazed. A wife, his women. The object of his infatuation. He shook off readiness. Bene was a filthy sleazy lover.

page 3.jpg

She, the mathematician was a virgin. Bene gave in, dragging a talisman. The mathematician collided, separated. His mistake. Blue eyes. The mathematician-

page 4.jpg

Reading notations, eyes Bene surprised. A letter Bene wrote to his wife; pettiness, friendliness.

page 5.jpg

Bene’s illness. Like a pendulum cut to the ground. Bene, the victim; a weapon of misery.

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