Haunted Hotel Project

A short introduction.

So, as part of my work I travel around a lot and stay in a lot of hotels. I have never slept well in hotels.  This  is partly because I am away from home, partly because people tend to kill themselves in them, but mostly because they always seemed to have a ton of mirrors fixed into the walls opposite the bed for some unknown reason.

Now, being the sadist I am, I decided a few years back that I would start writing scary stories and hide them in the room someplace where housekeeping won’t find them, but maybe a bored traveler would.  Kind of like rewarding and punishing the curious at the same time.  I mainly hide them in the bibles, but I do leave them under lamps, in drawers and various other places.

As this little project has gone on I have started creating better, more elaborate stories based on the hotel or the surrounding area. I’ve also started recording where I wrote them, so the longer I post them, the more detail you’ll get and possibly some pictures.

This isn’t the first one I ever wrote, but it’s the first one I decided to record. It was left in a Premier Inn somewhere I can’t remember.

Written, circa 2012.


I should have worked it out before now shouldn’t I? Room 139, 1+3+9= 13. The room is number 13. Now the girl with no eyes says I can’t leave.

She lives in the mirrors.

I saw you earlier- I hoped you’d seen me too, but instead you just walked straight past me and checked out the bathroom. I was standing in the corner of the room.

Oh god, oh Jesus, it’s the girl again.”  

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